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- by Ian Streutker, Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd.

I hired Ryan initially to help clean up some bookkeeping in a complicated marketing and education company. Ryan ended up helping us completely rebuild our accounting department and eventually helped us to organize a purchase/sale of the company when the owner passed away. He was a pleasure to work with and always provided great service and value, I would HIGHLY recommend Mastery Bookkeeping. I've worked with several accountants in the past and Ryan has been, by far, the best.

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- by Judy Redekop, Tower Steel Construction Inc.

Prior to finding Ryan, I was trying to take care of everything myself but was feeling incredibly overwhelmed, and was not confident in our records, knowing they were not as organized or as detailed as they should be.

When I first contacted Ryan in my search to find someone to take over our books, I got the impression that he was trustworthy, knowledgeable, & organized and I was not wrong. He has taken a huge load off of my shoulders and given me peace of mind in knowing that he is on top of everything. He is reliable, thorough, consistent and kind - Always ready to find a solution, answer a question or explain things in a way that makes sense. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan to anyone for their bookkeeping or consulting needs.  

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- by Natasha Koch, Van City Home Team Exp Realty

Ryan Cares.. Thats the first thing that comes to my mind .. He not only cares about you and your finances but that you understand how to handle your money and teaching that to others is a rare gift that makes him very unique in his industry.. Highly recommend Ryan for all of your bookkeeping and consulting needs.

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- by Pino Crudele, President of Old School Garage Inc.
(Autobody Repair)

Being that we were a newer company with a passion for vehicles and customer service our main focus was to grow and be productive. Unfortunately, we had many questions for our first bookkeeper, and we felt that she wasn’t there for us when we needed her the most. We reached out to her many times for important questions to hear “don’t worry about it” or the calls that were never returned. We knew we needed help. Ryan from Mastery Bookkeeping reached out to us. 

I find Ryan to be extremely professional, very organized, and I trust him. Ryan provides reliable and consistent results. He has helped us understand the financial part of our business. 

My business partner and I invest money, time & hard work to provide excellent service and quality to our customers. Ryan has allowed us to focus on our business and is always providing us with feedback on how we can grow.

We highly recommend Ryan to help you with your bookkeeping needs.

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- by Randy Rentz, owner of RRD Mechanical
(Plumbing & HVAC)

When we first met, Ryan made it sound like he could help me spend less time and worry on my bookkeeping and accounting, which would allow me to focus more on other parts of my business. 

Since Ryan has been my accountant, I feel less pressure and worry, and it has allowed me to exude more positive energy on my business. 

Ryan is a go-getter.  He’s a positive and motivating kind of guy.  He’s also very organized.  I think of myself as organized, but Ryan is even more organized than me! 

I highly recommend Ryan (and his company) because he’ll be a positive force for your company and well worth the money. Ryan is trustworthy, and I can tell he’s a good family man (and I like that).

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- by Phillip Redekopp, CCLP, Director & President/Secretary

(Freight brokering, transportation sales and service, eShipper)

Ryan has been great at setting up and helping me understand and integrate Quickbooks so I can manage this (with supervision). Also helping the transition from a sole prop to corporation, with pertinent advice whenever needed. I highly recommend his services.

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