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- If you want access to your books you can have it, from anywhere with an Internet connection
- Have the peace of mind that your books are always secure and backed-up automatically
- Possible to set up multiple users, with varying degrees of access
- You have the option to use our platform to create custom estimates/quotes & invoices with your branding.  It can save you time & increase the professionalism of your documents (I can show you how)
- Stay up-to-date with technology that streamlines the processes related to the tracking & reporting of your finances


- I provide up-to-date professionally prepared financial statements and custom reports (with job cost tracking, class tracking, and more) and can help you review and make sense of the details
- I'll analyze, interpret, and explain (in layman's terms) your financial situation and tax position
- I'll advise you when I see the potential for you to make improvements
- Get the information you need to make better business decisions

Business Meeting


- In addition to performing your bookkeeping & accounting, I can help you analyze, plan, budget, forecast, and grow your business, with an aim to achieve your goals – both financial and otherwise
- If you want a sounding board, a second opinion, fresh ideas, or someone experienced to brainstorm with about your business, I'm there for you
- I can also look after general business administration requirements (e.g. the rules & regulations that slow you down and weigh on your mind; website development; interacting on your behalf with bankers, lawyers & suppliers - you name it!)
- I'm the extra horsepower you need, when you need it