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100% remote (online) and paperless for optimal efficiency & client ease



  • Profit & cashflow coaching and consulting

  • Collaboration with the organization's key stakeholder(s) regarding goals and strategies to achieve them

  • Project plan management - will implement strategies, monitor the progress, and drive course corrections as required

  • Strategic direction, management & oversight of your record keeping & accounting procedures

  • Process improvement and workflow optimization (using technology, best practices, benchmarking, training, and more)

  • Provide financial reports & customized managerial reports (including key performance indicators)

  • Analyze, interpret and review financial data with ownership & management (and provide metrics-driven input & advice)

  • Coordinate & communicate with other 3rd parties for tax planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial modelling, etc. (e.g. tax accountants, auditors, lawyers, commercial real estate agents)

  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies & develop internal company controls to prevent fraud

  • Cost-cutting measures

  • And more…


  • New account set up, including software customization & basic training

  • Representation with government bodies 

  • Backlog and catch-up work

  • Complete HST/GST tracking, reconciliations, and file returns as required

  • Complete RST (PST) tracking, reconciliations, and file returns as required

  • Post all business bank & credit card transactions

  • Post purchase invoices, expenses and cash transactions

  • Monitor expenses & provide advise

  • Accounts payable monitoring and payment tracking

  • Accounts receivable monitoring and payment receipt tracking

  • Maintain fixed asset register

  • Inventory tracking

  • Income/revenue tracking

  • Post journal entries for complex transactions

  • Payroll

  • Prepare month-end closing entries & accruals

  • Reconcile business bank & credit card transactions to ensure the integrity of your records

  • Ensure the general ledger account balance is complete & accurate

  • Financial reporting

  • Year-end preparation of the books for income taxes (finalizing entries, adjustments & reconciliations, preparing notes for year-end income tax accountant, etc.)

  • Post year-end adjusting entries & reconcile to final adjusted Trial Balance

  • QuickBooks & Dext trouble-shooting (enhanced one-on-one and/or group training is possible under certain circumstances)

  • Friendly & supportive, communication & consultation (email, phone and text)