I'm in this business because I love working with other business owners, and making business better.

- Ryan Chenier, BA (Adv), MBA, Owner & President



My name is Ryan Chenier.  I'm the Owner & President of Mastery Bookkeeping and Business Consulting.  My company & I provide everything from bookkeeping, to accounting department management, management accounting, and advisory services.  

I tailor my expertise & service to each of my client's specific needs.  I bring to the table a unique perspective & approach and provide value others can't.  My services include strategic direction & oversight, project management, administration, and consultation.

  • Document your record keeping processes and drive improvements, with technology & best practices

  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies & develop internal company controls to prevent fraud

  • Analyze, interpret and utilize your financial data with comprehensive & expert advice

  • Optimize the performance of your accounting department, and its contribution to the rest of your business 

Whatever the nature of your business I'm open to hearing from you.  Feel free to contact me for a free consultation, or to discuss services that may be a fit for your business. 

Note, I can perform my services in person and/or on a 100% remote (online) and paperless basis. 



Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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